Root Moto G: Fastest Way to Root Moto G


Motorola moto G is the newest release of Motorola targeting year-end sales, designed to be used by intermediate users it comes equipped with the following configuration: 5 megapixel rear camera, 1GB of RAM and options of 8 GB or 16 GB of storage, but does not provide input to the memory card and quadcore processor with Android 4.3 and upgrade promise to Android KitKat in January 2014, as tecmundo information was released Root moto g




Surely you ever hear the new handset from Motorola that has drawn much attention because of its attractive price and very interesting specifications. In Moto G , you get a good processor and GPU, and a high-resolution screen. This, however, should cost little more than R $ 600, mainly in Black Friday times -. So if you are able to find a real promotion

Anyway, given the popularity of the device, there is already a way to make root in Moto G with very simple procedures. At least that’s who claims Paul O’Brien, indicating Superboot for users of the new device from Motorola.

He explains that it is not necessary to flash partitions or change the data present in them. With this, you do not need to install a new ROM, but only run the boot image. Thus, the superuser would be installed on your current ROM, without major changes to the device. So via OTA updates can be destroyed with it yet.

If you want to check if the realmetne procedure works, check out the details specified by O’Brien and remember that you must have unlocked bootloader to start. The own Motorola offers support for this on their website .

Skype Pressing Shortcut to Talk


Very using a program like RaidCall and Tean Speak function to speak by pressing a keyboard shortcut is great because it increases your privacy and enhances the interaction with other players or call friends is kind of a kludge more work I use a lot, come on. ..




Skype Pressing Shortcut


  • #1 Run Skype. If the welcome screen appears, close it.
  • #2 Click the Tools menu at the top of the screen. Select “Options” to open the options window.
  • #3 Click the “Advanced” button on the left side of the options window. It is the last list button, and there is a gear icon next to it. Click the “Shortcut Keys” button.
  • #4 Make sure the “Enable Hot Keys” box is not checked already.
  • #5 Click “Switch the audio (Push to Talk)” on available shortcut list.
  • #6 Click “Change selected shortcut.”
  • #7 Type the shortcut key you want to use to silence. In addition to a letter or a number, you can also use a function key “Shift”, “Ctrl” or “Alt”. You can, for example, set up your shortcut key to mute adding the “Alt” to “M” or “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “P”
  • #8 Click “OK” to set the shortcut key. Check the box next to “Switching the audio (Push to Talk)” to activate the shortcut key.
  • #9 Click the “Save” button to save your settings and close the options window.


Now everything is done. You can start communicating using the shortcut.

How to remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive, Memory card and Hard disk


Do you Find hidden folders and Shortcuts of Folder in your Computer and Pen drive.Do your Flash drive shows hidden folders and shortcuts whenever you plug it into you Computer, then you are reading the correct article.Here we will discuss how to remove these hidden and Shortcuts of Folders.This problem can also be faced on Computer HDD.Many peoples think it can be solved with antivirus.This problem occurs due to Autorun Worm which is the root cause of it.
Whenever you Scan with Antivirus it detects and delete but when you refresh it appears again.So here we will discuss how to remove this from it’s root.Here we will discuss 2 methods Command prompt and Batch File.And this are the easiest method to remove these Shortcuts.

Using Command Prompt:-
To remove file files from your Hard disk, Pendrive and memory card, this is the easiest method.To remove it from Command Prompt just follow below instructions:-

Go to Run (Win key+r) and type cmd and hit enter.Command Prompt Screen will appear.Now just type the below code:-

                                            attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d drive_letter:\*.*

Just replace the “drive_letter” with your actual drive letter from which you want to remove the Shortcut.Assume that you Pendrive is showing J: letter then the command will be

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d J:\*.*

After running this code all file and folder will be normal and Now you will be able to delete all the Shortcuts which was created by virus easily.

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Using Bat File:-
Just attach your Pendrive or Memory Card from which you want to remove the virus.After Connecting Just Copy the below code:-

                                                                      @echo off
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d drive_letter:\*.*

And paste this code into a new notepad file, and as same of the above procedure replace the “drive_letter” with actual drive letter in the above code. After doing this edit just save this notepad file as remove_virus.bat or with any name but just include (.bat) at the end of the file.After saving this file Just run it by double click on it and don’t worry after clicking on it will open a Command prompt so let it do its work.
Now, you can see all shortcut virus and you can delete them manually they will not come back.

So guys from this you can remove the virus from a particular drive of hard disk, Pen drive and memory card.But what if you want to remove this virus from all drive/partions of you hard disk.So below is the procedure to remove the virus from Bulk:-

Open a new notepad file and just paste the below code in the notepad file

 @echo off
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d D:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d E:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d F:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d H:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d I:\*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d J:\*.*
@echo complete.

Now just save it with any name but include (.bat) in the end of the file.And don’t worry guys you must be thinking i am forgetting the editing step but we have not to edit any single word of this code just paste it and save it with .bat extension.After saving it Just run the .bat file and after that delete the shortcut virus easily.

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Now at the end let’s have a look what these commands means:-

attrib stands for attribute
*.* stands for remove attribute
h stands for hidden
r stands for read only
a stands for archive
/s stands for sub directory
/d stands for directory drive
drive_letter stands for actual drive letter from which you want to remove shortcuts

Note:- This method Works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows vista and for performing these methods you must be using admin account.

Hope guys you like it.If you faced any difficulty then freely ask in comments !!

Update Galaxy S3 I9300 Android 4.3


It was finally released an update to Galaxy S3 I9300, and by the way is great thanks for the delay stable system with good battery management, at the end I think it worth upgrading.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 pointed to an update of Android 4.3, but this update was stopped last month after reports of various problems on their devices after the upgrade this system version.

This new version comes with new features, a number of changes and improvements. Nevertheless, this version will not bring some of Galaxy S4 features, which remain unique to the device, as was expected.

This update provides an improved TouchWiz and very similar to what we have on the Galaxy S4, as well as new features like lock screen widgets, ability to store applications on an SD card, and new applications.




You do not lose your warranty by installing this version, your device will have the OFFICIAL version of Android 4.3 made for jailbroken devices, which are sold without a link with operators. So you can rest assured.

You do not need root to install this version, even because you lose your warranty by doing so. This is an official ROM and does not need root access to install, you can see that the article does not ask this so that you install this version on your device.

This version is compatible with the International Model Samsung Galaxy S3, the version that is sold in Brazil. If you purchased your device in another country, check the version before starting the process.

For added security, it is recommended to the IMEI Backup your device and save for if a day is necessary. It is important to have the IMEI except for any eventuality.

The procedure discussed here is very simple and fast. If there is any damage to your machine caused by you of course I will not be responsible.

Although easy, do carefully and your own risk.


Cleaning the unit

Let’s first clean and erase everything on your device, so do the backup of the files before proceeding. This cleaning is so that the device receives the new version without problems. To do this do the following:

  • Turn off your Galaxy S3 and then connect with the following sequence
  • Volume Up button + Home button + Power button
  • In the new screen, choose Wipe data / reset factore
  • Repeat the process with the option Wipe cache partition
  • Now click Reboot System Now to reboot the machine
  • Ready first perform the appliance cleaning, now let’s install the new ROM.


Installation Process

Here is the standard process that has long since we reported SmartZone. For those already used will have no difficulty.

  • Unzip the ROM, you will use the file to the format that has been extracted
  • Open as Administrator Odin and the button PDA select the ROM Android
  • Turn it off and put it in Download Mode
  • Turn on the machine by holding the Volume buttons down + Home + Power
  • Press the volume button up to enter Download Mode
  • Connect your device to PC, the Odin will enter a port ID: COM
  • Confirm that the options Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked
  • Click START and wait for the process to finish
  • The program will signal when to end the process and you can take the cable from your PC

Get Experience of Ubuntu Edge in your Android Device


Ubuntu has stepped in the mobile market officially by Launching Ubuntu Touch some months ago.Ubuntu is an awesome Operating system for PC without any doubt.So its Mobile OS Ubuntu Touch is also loaded with a full new awesome UI and features which peoples are willing to see.Many Peoples want the Ubuntu Touch Experience on their android device, So today we are here to tell How to get Ubuntu Touch Experience in your Android Device.

Ubuntu Touch experience can be dubbed on your Android device by the Help of Ubuntu Lock screen.The app which we gonna use here is created by XDA Senior Member Rotart Heart.This Lock Screen is the most detailed app ever which provides you all information on the lock screen only.The Lock Screen Contains the small rotating circles(the best thing) of its theme color, Notification area In the center of the circle, Time and date are too presented.

After being Loaded with so much features, this app offers you many customization options because without customization option an app is incomplete.You can customize the animation of those circle page animation, change color, time to be locked of the device.It has many additionally features like media controls which could be used by tapping on the screen and you can select the music playing application.

You can get the app from here.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.If you face any problem then feel free to ask in Comments !

How To Install Flash Player on your Android device


Adobe announced Flash Player for Android many time ago only.Flash Player necessary for the peoples who visit the websites containing Flash Contents.Without Flash Player you will face many difficulties to views websites with Flash Contents.

So here we will discuss how to install flash player in you Android device.Adobe Flash Player is no longer available to Google Play Store.So for that you have to get it from Adobe official Website(links are given Below).

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                                                ► » Download From here « ◄

Steps to Install Flash Player in your Android device :-

Download the latest version available on the website and allow the  phone to install apps from unknown source.Then go to Downloads where the Flash player downloaded is present and click on the file to automatically install flash Player.
To navigate we recommend you to install Mozilla Firefox for android, because its a plugin-capable browser and it will allow to you to views most of the flash contents.

Now you have successfully installed flash player but to optimize performance and avoid compatibility error, we recommend you to set your Firefox browser to activate playback flash only when you click on the elements. you have to press menu then go to settings and you will be with plugins settings.

Top 5 BEST Antivirus Programs for Windows computer.


As the Tech World is growing day by day the chances of getting attacked by Virus, Mal-ware, Trojans and from other external resources are increasing.So to be safe from this We should use Antivirus and Security software.Antivirus is one of the essential software which everyone should have because it protects you and your system from damage of data.But nowadays all the antivirus are paid everyone has to buy there license.So today here we are sharing some of the Best Free Antivirus available in the market.

#Avast 8

This is the Most Famous Antivirus of all time.Avast 8 has fully new User interface, it was given this UI because it was targeted to be used with Touch screen devices also rather than only be used in traditional computers and Laptops.Because of its new UI you access its new Features easily and faster than the older version.Rather the new UI in Avast 8 its all features and virus engine is also fully updated which helps you to keep the spam away from your device for the performance of you system and device.


This Antivirus is offering Free version but to get access to all its feature you have to the premium version of Bitdefender Antivirus.This antivirus is installed in few minutes only and offers real time protection for your devices.But it has major Con that it has no full interface which makes it difficult to use by the users.

#Microsoft Security Essential

All the Windows 7 users must be knowing about this antivirus and also had made a remarkable position in the field of protection in you PC.The Microsoft Security Essential providers the best security to Windows 7 and Windows 8 has this antivirus as an inbuilt feature. The best feature of this antivirus is that it provide best protection when you are online, Keeps malware and Trojans away from your system and help you to faster your System Performance by controlling 50% device of CPU tasks.This Antivirus is the most suitable with the latest Windows version and can be installed comfortably.


#AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus is the most used free version of AVG Antivirus 2013.It has simple and elegant interface which allow user to have full control on the antivirus.This antivirus have all that basic features which a antivirus should but additionally it have some other good features like PC analyzer which will check and remove disk error from your computer.It’s the most trust able antivirus which a computer have.But the only Con is because of this too many features it take much time during installation.



This antivirus take a very less time to be installed that’s why it has been considered as one of the best antivirus of 2013.It has emended with a beep sound which let the user inform about malwares and the user has a full control to that beep sound.It has a very great feature of browser tracking blocker which will block all the connection which are trying to access your web history or data.

This were Best 5 Free Antivirus you can get any of them for free of cost and all reliable and trustworthy.To Download any of these antivirus Just click on the name of the antivirus.If you have any query you can ask in comments and if you like our effort please write a word of thanks in the comment !!